It’s important to protect your dreams. But how?

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I’ve always been afraid of my dreams.

And my dreams weren’t so big.

I never wanted to be a world leader, I didn’t want to send cars out in the space and I didn’t want to start a billion-dollar company.

I just wanted a lot of people to read my content and take something away from it. I wanted this to be a good source of income and maybe someday I’d also want to write a book!


I just want to make something clear today and if anyone who feels the way I used to is reading this then they should know why they need to stop being afraid right now.

Protecting one’s dreams does not mean hiding them in a corner of your heart. Protecting dreams means to not let them die a slow death. Make them a reality and that’s how you protect them!

Now you’d say that dreams are meant to be dreams and how impossible it is to make it true, easier said than done…

That’s seriously you being lazy.

The process of realizing your dreams and ultimately living it seems to be very complicated but it really is not. There are many factors that often stop you from running & getting that dream of yours. Today I’ll make you realize what affects your dreams from becoming a reality and how you can deal with it.


They are all around you. In your house, in your office, on your WhatsApp group, in a movie, on the radio, in a book aaaaand the list goes on. They surround you everywhere. They affect your dreams in many ways. Some will uplift you, some will drop you down, some will ridicule your dream, some will hate you for your guts, some will try to help you and some will not care enough.

But whose dream is it anyway?

Understand that what others think about you or your dreams does not matter. Do not ever get affected by negative point of view and do not ever get excited about positive point of view. Keep working, keep moving ahead and that’s all that matters.


There’s this thing, there’s always a “thing” that will stop you from doing something to make your life better. You will either not have enough money or not enough time or maybe not enough expertise; something is always around to make you procrastinate.

I read the story of a girl who loved horses. She drew them, she wrote essays on them, she thought they were humans; she made comics out of them despite knowing that people make fun of her. She just did one thing; she didn’t stop what made her happy.

Her name is Lisa Hanawalt and today she is the production designer & the producer of the Netflix show called BoJack Horseman! Look what manifested by just not giving up!


This is a much-underrated point but when you’re not in a healthy body your motivation will ultimately die. You’ll always be lazy; you’d rather stay in bed than go out and work for it. You’ll cancel meetings, you’ll postpone sending emails.

Remember, your mind controls your body and when your mind gets conditioned to only rest because of bad health then it won’t focus on doing anything else.  If you focus on exercising your body and your mind, then you will be motivated to get up and run for your dream. You won’t know unless you practice it.

I will leave you with my favourite quote;

“Whether you think you can or you can’t either way you are right” Henry Ford.

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