Rolls-Royce’s famous first meeting teaches us the value of time!

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If you Google ‘time management’ you’ll find about 164000000 results. That’s the number I can’t even say without calculating for atleast 5 minutes. Time is an imperative factor. Given that, many companies try to push their employees to manage their time well enough for a less stressful life, but they really don’t know how that works.

True meaning of time management is to plan and exercise your activities to ensure maximum effectiveness and increased productivity.

However, the working definition of time management is; to effectively manage the work load given to you, within a working day so that there is room for more work.

Nothing kills a perfect time management practice than unnecessary meetings. Most meetings are just an illusion of work in progress. Half the meetings happen because someone somewhere wants to understand one small point of your marketing plan & add many morsels of work that either add no value or will just push your objective further into space.

This reminds of a very interesting story.

In the year 1884 Frederick Royce started his business with Ernest Claremont making domestic electric fittings from a workshop in Manchester. In the year 1901 he bought a French two-cylinder French car. Following his disappointment with the purchase he decided to build a car of his own & started operating from a workshop to build ‘Royce’ motor cars. These cars were known for silent and vibration-free rides.

In a couple of years, Charles Stewart Rolls who operated a dealership in London found interest in Royce’s 2 cylinder cars. A very famous meeting was arranged in May 1904 between Henry Royce & Charles Rolls in Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Rolls & Royce decide to collaborate and work together to sell Royce’s cars. The first Rolls-Royce car was launched in December the same year. They later established an automobile partnership that made a profit of about £287 million earlier this year.

Decision makers today do not have the risk taking capacity or even interest. We are all looking at sufficing our own personal goals and not trying to push the extra mile for bigger and better rewards.

We don’t respect time & therefore the work we do is not upto our full potential. If we were to manage our work smartly and respect time, we will have meaningful meetings and positive results.

One meeting between Rolls-Royce established a relationship & delivered in 7 months. They did not have the liberty of rescheduling and rain checking or Skype calls. Maybe the simpler times and less dependency on protocols led to greater achievements.


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