Build a Narrative and not a process for a Winning Sales Pitch

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The most rewarding and equally difficult task is selling of commodities. Whether it’s selling a tangible product or an abstract the driving principles of sales have become very cramped.

It was quite easy about thirty to forty years back to build a desirable product and then create a need. There are so many options available now that fragments of sale and pitch at every level has become replaceable.

Attention span of online audience is reducing by the hour and that’s why the online business owners are focusing on getting great work over maintaining a long term meaningless partnership. Even if they must partner with multiple companies for different tasks they are willing to do that.

For you as a skills expert, how your pitch can really stand out is the only question you need to answer.

Good news is, there are only three factors that you need to work around with. Now you may or may not get a win but with these three points you will get noticed which will reward you in the long term.


Every sales pitch shows great deal of what their company can offer and how high they can take a brand in the market. All award-winning ideas are put on the table. If you see every second sales rep you meet will be better than the first. We find experts all over.

But what does a winning pitch take?

A team that wins the pitch always knows their client’s brand in and out. They take time to go back to the root of understanding their prospect client’s website and basic user experience. Put this study before you add the number of social media profiles your future client has.

It is equally important to understand what the brand really needs. In case you’ve been asked to work on an open brief then don’t share a spread of ideas that could work. Always have a central thought that gives a direction. This shows precision & builds a stronger ground of connect which is more important than getting a win to start with.

Patricia Fripp has rightly said;

“To Build A Long-Term, Successful Enterprise, When You Don’t Close A Sale, Open A Relationship”


Many marketers we know often complain that they meet a big team during the time of the sales pitch but when the execution starts its only one or two guys who keep showing up.


There is zero credibility and no sign of ownership when the work happens. Soon after during new season of meaty work the sales team comes together to again pitch with a new idea & clear through of cross sales.

This is the mistake by many known companies. They often lose their focus after the big win and what’s delivered is far from what’s promised.

Don’t be that company. You need to be transparent with the client in terms of the size of the team and cost of ownership. This leads to reliability which can go a long way in your partnership.



This is second to transparency that we have heard most from our network complain about. Even the Ogilvys of the world sometimes fail at being consistent.

What sales representatives don’t get is that their job starts after a win. A sales team comprises of the ones that go for the sales pitch, the ones who work on the product or provides the service and the one who analyses the results and defines way forward.

Being on time and being regular for achieving the goals promised at the beginning will keep up the partnership for a long time.

A routine (no matter how tedious it may sound) is needed for consistency to work for you.

These three factors are key to every sales pitch that you set out to win. The beauty of this method is that it is a narrative that you can plug in.


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