Why We Love Snapchat (And You Should, Too!)

Snapchat Features

Tom is a social media addict
Tom likes to share lots & lots of pictures & videos with his friends
Tom used to share 137 pictures on Facebook & Instagram
Tom has recently started using Snapchat
Tom is now creating Snapchat Stories
Tom is not spamming his friends anymore
Be like Tom
Brands should BE like Tom!

Snapchat is a mobile app which lets users share pictures & videos which self destructs itself in a few seconds.

We will talk about some of the key features of Snapchat & how can Brands benefit from it.

Self Destructive Messages that avoid spamming – Facebook is by far the most successful social media channel. However there have been memes doing the rounds that how people are getting annoyed with their friends uploading zillion pictures from their trips, weddings & every other outing. Facebook has changed over the years & attention span of users on the platform has reduced drastically.  Nobody has time to go through 257 pictures from your trip. Only quality content gets the due engagement.
(Brands will have to spend money on Facebook advertising to get the required engagement).

Enter Snapchat.

The messages sent on Snapchat self destruct itself within seconds.
What good does that bring, if you may ask?

This leaves a very small window for users to consume the content. Since they know that the message they have received will vanish in about 10 seconds they give it undivided attention.

Snapchat Stories attracting genuine users – Brands that want to publish bulk content, or are looking for getting full coverage of an event are opting for Snapchat Stories. Snapchat stories build one video of all the pictures & videos created by a user which can be stored & saved as memories. Now every brand can use this feature but it will work very well for travel aggregators, fashion industry, & food industry. This feature also creates a sense of “viewing what you like” in users. This feature can create & build genuine users for brands.

As per June 2016, Snapchat has 100 million daily active users. But why did Instagram with 300 million daily active users introduced Instagram Stories which is an exact copy of Snapchat stories? They probably saw the potential of the Snapchat feature & didn’t want this app to exceed their own numbers. Probably.

Snapchat Filters for promoting events or special days – Snapchat has a fun element of filters on the app which allows users to create funny pictures. Some filters were also introduced to cross promote the on going global events like, olympics, oscars etc. This is an opportunity for brands to launch their new products.   

Replay & Screenshot notification – Unlike any other app or social media site if anybody takes a screenshot of any picture on Snapchat or replays a snap, the sender of that message immediately gets a notification. This is a clear indication of who is interested in your content. Brands can use this feature to build their database.

Watch it LIVE – Live stories are captured by Snapchatters from across the world during popular events and are curated by Snapchat. These appear for 24 hours. You can also submit your snap to a live story. This is a great feature to encourage user generated content & also run an activity involving influencers.

And do you know Snapchat will now let you book movie tickets? According to New York Times, Fandango President, Paul Yanover hinted about a collaboration with Snapchat in building an in-app ticket – purchasing feature. This is all we know as of now. The future for Snapchat looks very promising to us. Let us know what you think in comments. 

Image Source: unsplash

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