Make your Social Media contribute to real Business

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A lot of effort goes in creating suitable content for social media pages. Undeniably, a lot of strategy and planning is involved in setting the right tone of voice that results in sizeable engagement data.

Yet most businesses still complain that social media results are useless for them. They don’t care about the likes, shares, retweets and views that are generated. How does it really matter to them?

The problem is lack of information.

And it works both ways.

If you think your business team is incompetent in understanding how social media works then that’s just half the problem. The other half is that you don’t understand business enough to drive the right kind of social media activity.

As a social media expert, you need to go beyond content creation and promotion of it.

You must get into the strategy and planning of the business by using social data, analytics and research if you want to stand out of the crowd!

Here’s how you can start now.

Bring your social media team to the business meetings

Basis our experiences and interaction with our friends and colleagues from social media, we’ve come to realize that a good social media idea arrives from a damn good brief. This brief usually is given by someone somewhere in the marketing team of a company.

But, no matter how close marketing is to business, real business understanding can come from a business expert. It is essential to get your marketing/ social media team to meet your business team to understand the real deal.

Your social media team needs to be motivated to drive your business objective beyond the likes and shares of Facebook and beyond the brand book you gave them thousand years ago. Bring them face to face with the business and show them how it really works.

Spread the knowledge and gather more ideas

One of the main reasons why business don’t believe in social media is because they don’t understand how it works. We told you in the beginning that business teams find social media engagements and interactions meaningless.

Invest time in sharing case studies and even running workshops. Maybe run an internal contest to get ideas for social media?

You’ll be surprised to see some good thoughts on the table.

Encourage social media participation among your employees

Right from an intern to your CEO, everyone can contribute a lot by making use of their social media presence to promote your business. This is not about product promotion and pushing out offers. It’s simply about sharing interesting information and driving thought leadership.

It’ll strengthen the bond between you and your customers and business partners.

You’d say, how?

It turns eyeballs and gets your target more interested in you as it sees more of your brand from credible audiences and not from paid media.

Makes a lot of difference.

Build a strong measurement method to tie in efforts with results

You might think that you’re giving the interactions and you’re giving the views. What’s more? And how can that tie back with the business?

Look at where your audience goes after hitting that like or retweet. Have they visited your website? Have they clicked on any form? Did they call your call center?

Even for the most basic activity do not forget to make use of analytics. You don’t always have to build a microsite and capture leads and track them down till they convert.

Your daily visitors also matter & contribute a lot. Use every data point and keep in touch with them.

Marketers have put social media as a tick mark on their things to do, but that can easily be pushed to the spotlight by just changing a few methods. Adopt it today and you’ll start seeing results that were previously invisible.

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