Lacking art of Storytelling

The beauty about the word “story” is that it resonates with each one of us. We’ve all grown up hearing and reading unforgettable stories. These stories stay with us and are passed on from one generation to another. They evoke emotion and always leave something behind for us to remember.

In the last few years the word storytelling has been adopted by brands for their promotional activities. It has now become a largely abused term in marketing that is added to describe any activity to make it look interesting.

While on one hand we have real brand stories that evokes emotions, on the other we have what we call the indicative brand stories. Latter is forcefully pushed into any brand strategy like nobody’s business. It makes no sense, it makes the word storytelling sound rather boring!

Rudyard Kipling once said,

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

This method can easily be applied to tell an unforgettable brand story. Why this is not working for most brands is because they don’t really know how to tell a story. They think they’re telling a story but it is a forcefully fitted brand objective into an ad format.

So, how can you as a Brand excel in Storytelling?

Strengthen your Content:
A fulfilling content that can be converted into a brand story consists of true information on the history of the brand, journey of the brand, the qualities of the products and services and all that sets your brand apart. Content can be in any form but it must be complete.

Spend time on Narrative:
Building an outline of your communication that links one event to another makes the outcome of the story brilliant. Spend time on your narrative as that will give you a direction and make for smooth execution and a positive result.

Add facts for Validation:
The story that you want the audience to hear should always be backed up with real facts that can validate the story. True facts add elements to the story which make your brand stand out.

End with a Call to Action:
Your story should have one thought that you leave your audience with. This thought is one message that sets your brand apart and should be a part of your brand story from start to end. It should involve an action in any form that your audience will carry with them.

Brands that fulfil all the above in their communication always make successful stories. Add this method to your working and see the results.

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Here are some examples of our favourite brands that are ahead in their Storytelling.

Storytelling - Nike Brand


Storytelling - Red Bull - Brand


Storytelling - Go Pro - Brand



















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