Don’t let a temporary lack of interest overshadow your dreams!

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Boredom hits the best of us. Even the ones who follow a timetable each day can fall into this trap & live uninspired days & nights with zero impact whatsoever.

I’ve fallen in this trap multiple times myself & it is ok.

It’s your body telling you to take a break but your mind is not ready, or vice versa. I don’t know the mechanics; I just know if this happens then something is definitely not in sync.

I’ve found a great way to deal with this situation. I do get bored and exhausted and I run out of ideas but it does not stay with me for a dreadfullllll long time anymore.

Remind yourself about the Wonderful Things You Still Don’t Have

It’s always the things that we don’t have that pinch us & keep us moving forward. Nothing hurts more than knowing that you could have all that you want only if you put in some effort.

Looking at what you’re short at & telling yourself, “I need that” will automatically make you work towards it.

I’ve seen my friends give up on their great ideas, just because they felt it wasn’t worth it.

The only thing that’s keeping you from your dreams is a temporary fear.  Don’t take it seriously.

Set Smaller Achievable Goals that Lead to Your BIG Goal

Your ultimate goal will always be your hardest goal to achieve. But in reality, many people have achieved great things single handedly. So nothing in practice is actually hard. It’s just a mindset.

To overcome the fear of not being able to achieve your goals, don’t focus on your big goal right away. Take one small step at a time.

For example; if you’re setting up a blog, first decide what you want to write about, then think of a name, then buy a domain, then build the site. Break your big goals into smaller goals.

I promise you’ll be thrilled & proud at every step & the journey to the main goal will be peaceful & rewarding!

Take a Break from your routine from time to time

I have realized that we get bored & procrastinate because we don’t take enough breaks. We work during and after office hours, we work during weekends and sometimes even on our holidays.

Such a practice leads to stagnancy of thoughts & because you don’t free up your head, new ideas don’t have any place to walk in. As a result you get bored of the routine and may end up wasting a lot of your time where you could either be working or relaxing. (Being bored and not doing anything is not relaxing, just to be clear)

Look at your own Achievements to get Inspiration

You will always get more inspired with what you have done not anybody else. You are aware of your strengths and you’ve achieved something that was impossible at one point in time in your life. So, you’ve already built a proof point that you have all that it takes to achieve what you want.

Enjoy what you own, feel proud of what you’ve done. Once you appreciate what you have, you’ll work to get more of that. This will build your confidence & kick the boredom out.

Know who you are and know that’s Enough!

I have been highly disappointed with myself after hearing other people’s advice. I’ve been quite discreet about my plans, but slightest of doubts in the past have broken me down. I’ve had downers for weeks and that’s not pleasant.

But you should know that other people’s opinions do not matter in the end. Nobody believes in anything until it really happens. Keep working and stay happy. Nobody needs to know what you have in mind; you can always do it and show it.


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