The Timeline!

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We all have goals when we first get a job. But for the ones specially in Marketing & Advertising have goals each day. Goals like, reaching office on time, getting the artwork approved on time, finishing up the meeting on time, eating on time, loo break on time, leaving office on time & so on…


In this daily marathon one always gets chased by “is this done yet?” This will chase you down the hall like a bully right from the mean girls & will disrupt your entire plan for the day.

Here’s a list of some timelines which were given to us at least once in our lifetime by either our bosses or our clients & are totally unrealistic and criminal!

  1. The “send it in one hour” timeline – Here you grab a cup of coffee and are walking down the aisle, giggling away with your colleagues & all excited about the way forward slide of the report that you will update & tick off the most important task of the day before noon. But there in your Outlook, is sitting a big fat mail, asking you to download big fat data, from 7 different sources, & collate in a big fat spreadsheet. With a closing line – Please have this sent to my inbox in an hour. There… it won’t happen in an hour, you know it, the sender knows it, but that will take up your lunch time, and your after lunch and your tea break because this timeline is the most useless & the most urgent of all. 
  2. The “send it by EOD” timeline – Usually the request for sending anything by the “EOD” (end of the day) will never come in the BOD (…I wana say beginning of the day?). This request will always be of a write up, of an ad report, of an annual report, of an artwork or anything that will take you atleast 7 hours of execution & 2 hours of coordination. A mail, phone call, or these days even a whatsapp message on a job delivery for end of day will come during lunch or after lunch. But this is not the lunch at 1 PM this is your lunch time, which is 4 PM.  
  3. The “send it over the weekend” timeline – Something that is so important and needs to be finished over the weekend but also there is no time to do it during the week. What you do on the weekend usually gets reworked twice or is not done at all. Because mostly it will require coordination with someone who is at the movies or on a low network area due to the “weekend”. No matter how much you try to tell yourself that you will wake up on Saturday morning at 7 and finish it before noon, it will not start before Sunday 4 PM. This will mostly finish on Monday right before your meeting. 
  4. The “send it when it’s done” timeline – This sounds like the best timeline ever but it’s the worst of all. This makes you feel that you can do it at your own sweet time, but deep down in the corner of your heart, you know that this is to be done and closed first. This situation is the worst because you don’t know whether or not to focus on this at that moment. It will also constantly make you feel that this is a test of your TAT. But I can tell you for sure, whatever you’re feeling about this will never be correct. 
  5. The “you were supposed to send it in 1988” timeline – This timeline is given to you during a monthly meeting. It starts with, “I discussed this with Tom 6 months back, then Dick shared a proposal which I disapproved but Harry revised the plan. I don’t know where that is but You should work on it & share with me.” You will get the version_11 of the proposal & you will change the strategy, update the numbers, add two more ideas & share it. It will go in 3 rounds of meetings & will get disapproved & you will be held responsible for it never going live. Good luck to you if you have this in your job sheet. 

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