Things we wish we didn’t do on Facebook!

Facebook memories reminding us of what we wish we didn't do!

“I  was very dumb when I was 14. See, no Twitter, no Facebook. So I was dumb, but I was dumb in private” – Will Smith

Remember your life a decade ago?

Of course you do, but you may not have everything recorded archived. What made sense at one point in life seems really bizarre and sometimes embarrassing. Facebook does the right job by reminding you some of what you did in your past years from the time you joined Facebook.

How is this good?

For only one reason; you get to go back & revisit those moments. But sometimes these posts are too embarrassing and make you wonder what you were really thinking back then!

We have collated some of these posts for you. We bet you’ll be able to relate to at least one from these;

  • Twilight Saga: Who is your Twilight Guy? Admit it you took the test again & again to get the white washed vampire Edward Cullen as your Twilight Guy!clicksdaily-FB-memories-twilight
  • Grammar Nazi You: There were spellings & grammar tests that you have taken to check how proficient you were. Also to check how fast you type? (No really, this was a game if you don’t remember). And you have always published the posts with a good score.clicksdaily-grammar-memoriesclicksdaily-grammar2-facebook-memories
  • Pet Lovers: Remember playing & feeding pets on Facebook? No we’re not talking about the ever famous Farmville. This one is worse.

  • I lOvE tO PoSt UpDaTeS: There was a time when most of us used to post status updates which looked like this. Not only it was difficult to read but also loudly calling for attention (sorry if you did this)clicksdaily-facebookposts-facebookmemories
  • Know your personality: Remember asking questions like this on Facebook?
    Only Facebook knows what your eyes say… Only Facebook!clicksdaily-facebookquestions-facebookmemories
  • Foursquared on Facebook: The integration of Foursquare & Facebook was wonderful. Now we were only checking into two places. One was the actual place & one was on Foursquare also posting it on Facebook.We also had some annoying friends who used to check into traffic signals & public toilets! Getting the Mayor crown was the best feeling ever. Wasn’t it? (*rolling eyes*).



  • What the hell are you doing? : Much before Facebook started asking us – What’s on your mind? It uses to be like – Homer Simpson is…..
    & therefore most of us used to post updates like.
    Bob is at home
    Tim is sleeping… or even more elaborate like the following



  • Coz’ it’s your birthday: We all used t0 & still check Facebook on our birthdays to count wishes from our friends. Some point in our lives we have received or sent a photo like the following;

    Posts like this actually meant;
    * It’s not a real cake. I wish I could send you one. But here’s a picture of a cake, & it’s pretty much the same thing.*


  • Friends Fanatic: F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most loved sitcoms in the history of television. And every fan has a character they relate to and want to be like. 7 out of 10 users have played this game over and over again.clicksdaily-friends-facebookmemories
    (BTW you can still play this on Buzzfeed. #justsaying) 
  • Tag your friends: Last on our list is this. We have been tagged as “what our friends thought we were like” in more than one picture like this.facebookpost2-facebookmemories


We may have not covered all, but these are our top favourites! Tell us more if you remember in comments.

Image Source: facebook, unsplash, google

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