There is no such thing as Toxic People!

There is no such thing as Toxic People!


Internet trends have a pattern. They originate from one location, get picked up and shared all around. The same trend gets copied, refined, revamped & is used to getting attention from as many profiles as it can on the internet. The bright side of this type of pattern of information distribution is that it gives you perspective & more material to build your understanding.

One such rotating topic is on “Toxic People”. If you put “toxic people” as a keyword on Google search or on Medium you’ll find so many pieces of articles and discussions and “how tos” on toxic people; how to deal with them, how to avoid them, and how to identify them. Before this topic became the integral subject of forming opinions no one knew what to call toxic people, no one knew they were supposed to avoid them or deal with them.

Yes there are difficult people and we must know how to not let them affect our environment of peace and calm but there is nothing like toxic people that one must give importance to. People are people each with a mind of their own.

We’re here to tell you what it is that you must focus on in your daily lives that will keep building a positive power in you will make you achieve all that you desire & work for. And you won’t even need to worry about toxic or whatever people apparently exist.

LIFE GOALS – If you’re doing what you love then keep doing that diligently. If you are passionate about something else, then make sure you dedicate some time to it each day. Nothing for you will ever grow into something beautiful unless you give it attention.

YOUR BODY – Are you happy with what you look like? How your health is? If yes then continue doing what you’re doing, if not then shift this to number one priority in life. Life’s troubles vanish the moment you feel good about your body.

FRIENDS & FAMILY – Not another write up on why you should find time for your parents or your friends and how this is only that matters. What you are and how you’ve become what you are has been influenced largely by these two groups of people. Cherish them because they will bring true happiness.

THINGS – Being materialistic sounds a bit negative but we all know that things make us happy. We earn to buy things and more things. For us things mean anything that you spend money on in order to feel happy and satisfied. Nothing on feel bad about. Go ahead enjoy the things you’ve bought and feel proud of it. The more you do that the more things you’ll get in life.

There’s much more in life than figuring out how to identify and deal with some kind of people. It really doesn’t take you anywhere. Focus on what is really important and you’ll be in the best place of your life always.


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