Build sustainable traffic growth for long term benefits

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It’s easy to set up a content site but quite a task to maintain a constant flow of traffic. One might try & re-run SEO practices from time to time but that will only set the ground ready for the site.

For a sustainable traffic growth, there are unconventional methods that will give you a running traffic on your site. It won’t give you immediate visible results. However, it will help you build a large traffic base which will keep growing and will be beneficial in the long term.

Involve ideas of people from various areas of expertise

It’s a known practice that once an ad film is made, it is shown to people from different areas of expertise to get fresh outlook and feedback. Someone who knows nothing about a business function will always have a very unbiased point of view.

This is the only reason why you must include other people in giving ideas for topics.

If you can get someone from a non-writing background to write good quality content for your site, nothing like it.

This will add a new perspective & from search engine’s point of view, it will add variety and get more eyeballs turning towards your site.

Leverage old content by new facts and figures

Certain topics are evergreen and what you posted in the year 2010 may still be valid after 8 years.

The moment you rewrite a content piece or update it, it creates a history on search engine and gets you relevant traffic.

It’s always advisable to find & pick old content and rehash it. If you find the most performing & currently trending topic the better it is.

SEO up each and every content piece

In the beginning we told you that people keep re-running SEO best practices hoping to better traffic by improving positions on search engines.

That’s not the correct or working way to improve traffic.

SEO for each content piece should be done the moment it becomes a part of your site. Make sure you focus on getting the best topic for your content. If your article content is off the topic then it is considered misleading and your page will get a low score.

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Added a new news article?

Make sure you get done with the meta tagging and keyword optimization before you upload it.

There are many tools available in the market that can help you at every stage so don’t fret over it.

Social media is important even if you don’t have many followers

Many companies wait to have a decent follower base on social media before they start posting content.

What they don’t know is that social media contributes a lot to increasing traffic to a site even without having millions of fans or followers.

Right now, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram are the most popular and efficient social media channels for organic traffic growth.

If you have any budget for promotion, then Facebook works best.

We highly recommend you include people working behind the website & content to talk about the company offerings on their social media channels.

Believe us, this works better than getting a paid influencer these days.


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