Understand TrustRank algorithm and improve your site ranking!

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After setting up your website you take several steps to ensure it is one of the trusted sites by Google. After all this is what is going to help your business run. Some basic points are fulfilled at the time of setting up a website or blog. However, a good site is built over a decent period of time.

How Google sees your site does not depend on the first few steps that you close while setting up your site. There is a common misconception that your job ends by adding a security certificate, add Google analytics code and submitting xml sitemap. The real job actually starts after these steps are accomplished.

Heard of TrustRank?

In simple words, TrustRank is an algorithm that rates the quality of websites & plays an important role in your search rankings.

You may meet all the criteria of a good working website when you start but can you sustain? And, if you’re not meeting the criteria in the beginning you can always catch up.

The beauty of Google is that it gives you a bunch of solutions to improve TrustRank. We’d like to highlight three key points that are not usually spoken about because it may seem too non-technical. Other than the basic SSL certification a lot adds to the security and trust worthiness of your website.

Let’s have a look.

Vital Pages & Social Media Link – We usually overlook but the given pages & information on it holds great importance.

– About Us
– Contact Us
– Privacy Policies
– Terms of Service
– (Affiliate Disclaimer Page in case you’re a part of any affiliate program)

Adding this information to the website shows that your site means serious business & not spam. Only a business oriented site will have legal information like policies and terms in place. If you own a simple content blog then worry not. A lot of Terms & Policy plug ins are available by WordPress that can easily be added.

Must not forget to add social media links to your brand channels and to each post. This will increase share-ability.

Consistency & Relevancy – Don’t keep your website inactive for a very long time. If you can’t update it every 2-3 days then try to update it at least once a week. A spamy site will never lead to any information or credible links.

If you keep updating your site it shows that you’re investing time & have a lot to offer to your audience. You may not have 500 pages but if you keep up with regular content then your TrustRank will always be positive. Try to keep your topics around the current trend to gain more visibility.

Quality & Optimization – First rule of search engines is to have great content & you’ll always find us emphasizing on it. And Google loves originality! You must never try & copy paste any content from any other site. That will simply lead to Google penalization. Write your views in your own words. This way users will connect more with your site and will spend more time. While you’re at it do not forget to SEO optimize your pages. Meta description & relevant keywords should do the job to begin with. After that you can move to more in depth SEO. Information on this is easily available on the web.

Remember, content is everything in the online world now. If you can generate valuable information and regularly put it out there you will consistently have readers.


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