Twitter’s hidden strength & what is missing at the moment!



Good news dear friends! Twitter is not dead just yet. No new useful feature has been introduced since the last 280 characters move & we almost believed that it will end up being an outrage platform and that’ll be the end of it.

Last year, articles under the topic #TwitterIsDead were floating around & made many of us question the future of brands on Twitter. But if you really think of it, Twitter is still unique & that quality will not let brands & individuals give up just yet.

It is still the best social media platform for broadcasting messages

No social media channel does broadcasting better than Twitter. Even if you post 130 times a day it is not odd for the platform. There really is no limitation on the quantity of content you can post on Twitter and it won’t be counted as spamming.

Twitter is the only platform that allows so many conversations to co-exist with their varying point of views.

The platform that taught brands to communicate within 140 characters. Who would’ve thought?

The character limit is doubled but brands prefer using less characters for tweeting because that’s the beauty of the platform.

Twitter is still the only social media platform where one can reach millions by just using the correct words and hitting the right nerve. It’s the only micro blog that is a huge competition to news on TV.

And, is there any other platform that’ll allow you to directly speak to your Prime Minister?

Communication is and will always be integral to every online activity. And that is the strongest point of Twitter even today. Less effort and big impact.

But something is totally missing.

Its high time Twitter makes some changes to up it’s game.

We know where Facebook advertising started from and how far it has reached. But what’s going on with advertising on Twitter Why do most brands still don’t want to invest in Twitter Advertising?

Firstly, it’s unreasonably expensive for the kind of results it gives. Now, LinkedIn is expensive too, but it gets you the right kind of targeting makes you achieve conversions.

Twitter does not drive any engagement that would account for any kind of ROI.

Maybe if some new changes like the following were made?

Real time bidding on their ads? – Why has this not been started for so long?

#tag based ads – #tags originated from Twitter & creating #tag based ads will be one of its kind & will open so many doors for advertisers.

Better analytics
 with more insights into the audience, audience engagement & conversations.

It seems a little in the future given the time Twitter usually takes to bring about a change but it is the need of the hour.

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