You’re probably still using outdated SEO methods

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In the early 2000s SEO was a steaming hot topic in the world of website content and their rankings. It stood out as the essential “thing to do” before anything else in every company’s digital marketing scheme of things.

Over a period, we started to neglect the new learnings on SEO & continued sticking to the old method. It’s absolutely outdated now, and sadly we still get very excited about adding keywords and Meta tags.

Cramming up your content with exact keywords & variants of it do only half the job today

As you’ve grown in your digital marketing career the search engines have also gotten better.  Your position on SERP is not going to get better if you keep adding keywords to it regularly. Not saying that that’s not relevant but that’s not enough.

To get on top of the SERP and to maintain the position for a long time you need to make sure that not just keyword but your content also solves the query of the user.

So when you’re adding keywords, or phrases, or Meta tags, do not mindlessly add matching keywords, add what is really relevant to your content, focus on the solution that content on your website will give after a user searches with a query and lands on your website.

Top search engines like Google & Bing understand a lot about your content, even the sentiment. When you’re writing content, or making a webpage, think of the entire activity as an SEO action point. Do not waiver from that one solution that you intend to give.

We are strictly against the idea of dividing a full-page content story into two so that it can appear in two results.

Adding tags all over the content is not really required if the basic tagging is done correctly

Search engines still give some importance to what you add in your headline. If that matches the user’s query then bam, you’ve come closer to gaining that visit. However, it may not really last long if the user does not find what he was looking for on the page.

This is where click baiters lose their potentially loyal audience. If you want to benefit then keep your headline & URL similar and make sure it matches with the content on your webpage.

Here’s an example;


Headline – Making your website search friendly is easy… if you do this!

Meta description – Make your website search friendly by following a few important steps from SEO perspective

Content very much fulfils what the URL, headline & Meta description say & since it’s our internal page we can tell you we have a 100/100 SEO score for this one.

Needless to say, image ALT attribute is also a must. It gives content pages a lot of leverage through Google images.

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Ideas & content should come first and then SEO method must follow

A lot of good websites that write about SEO sometimes give an advice that is often misunderstood. This most common advice is to look up for keywords and search queries pertaining to your topic of interest and then prepare your content on the webpage.

We personally feel very emotional about our own content and we know that every idea is dear to its creator. On the other hand, SEO is a method; it’s a best practice to make that content reach its worthy audience.

Therefore, a method must follow an idea or content and not vice versa.

Otherwise it will convert your writers & creators into robotic content generators that will get your pages to top in SEO but will miserably fail at connecting with the end user. In the long run, nobody benefits from this.

Yes, you must keep in mind the basic common keywords & search queries and then use it wisely. Don’t become a keyword curating machine.

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