#WomenBoycottTwitter results in revision of Twitter Rules

Jack Dorsey on WomenBoycottTwitter


Earlier last week, American actress Rose McGowan used Twitter to show her support against sexual harassment allegations made against Harvey Weinstein & by explicitly mentioning Ben Affleck. It was no surprise to hear Weinstein’s name as he’s created controversy by openly calling out Jennifer Lawrence in an award ceremony in the past. It’s just one more added to the list.

Check the video here,

Rose’s Twitter handle was suspended soon after this. Apparently, she posted a private number in one of her tweets and that is against the policies as stated by Twitter. Please note, these policies however are not valid when the President of a big nation openly talks about starting a nuclear war with another country.

Rose McGowan Twitter

Social media platforms were created for everyone to connect with each other on common interests and share information. By nature, it is independent of any caste, race, nation or gender and has full freedom of speech. As per the redundant policy of Twitter, threatening is not permitted. Yet you’re tailoring your own policies as per convenience?

Someone had to bring this to light.

Therefore, many twitter women users from across the world decided to boycott Twitter on Friday 13th for 24 hours to stand against sexual harassment and how women’s voices are silenced through bullying. Later we saw many men joining the thread as well.

Many protestors used the #tag #WomenBoycottTwitter before they left the platform on Friday. Influencers and celebrities across the globe supported the protest. Some who did not boycott still voiced their opinions and pushed Twitter to take some action.

Twitter Rules

It’s debatable whether a movement like this would help or not. Is silencing ourselves the answer to our voices being silenced?


About 21% of total internet women users are on Twitter & 24% men. Boycotting Twitter for one day may not economically hit the platform as much but it sure hits the credibility of the owner.

Then this happened.

Jack Dorsey himself told the audience “how it’s about time to take stricter actions & build new rules for unwanted messages.”

Here’s a snapshot of his messages.

Jack Dorsey

Waiting to review the new policies by Twitter & see how it helps celebrities, influencers, political leaders & general audience at large.


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