How I turned my worst day around!

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Today was the worst work day ever. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but, I did not get to read my book, I did not enjoy a decent cup of coffee, I have not replied to a couple of important emails and it’s already past midnight & I haven’t cracked my content topics for tomorrow.

I’ve spent all evening thinking about what all I did at work, the hours I spent in pointless meetings and all that is pending to be closed by end of this week (technically today).

Just about couple of hours back I stopped to reflect back to a few years and started thinking of a better way of going about days like these.

I mentally started putting down my points & realized that I am already doing all that I should to have productive days. On stressful days I tend to lose my track.

I had to remind myself that I can’t have any external factors ruin the wonderful day I’d decided to have.

I’m motivated again & so I’m writing this.

Do more in less.

Till about a few years back I understood how doing more in less can be achieved. It has given me super productive days, (except the stressful days when I tend to sway) but some people have mastered this & you can be like them.

Question everything that you spend time working on!

Truth be told. Time is money & that is the most important deal.

Whatever you do within working hours makes you money; so if you’ve spent two hours in a meeting that you did not have anything concrete to do with then you’ve not wasted time, you’ve wasted money.

No matter how small or big impact your project has it is measured by the amount of time you spent doing it.

Question the tasks that are assigned to you. Can it be done without making a presentation? Can it be done without having to meet someone in person? Can it be done without traveling an hour to another office?

If it can, then save that time.

Stop Organizing and do actual work!

I have seen people (counting myself as well) spending hours in organizing their mails in folders and sub-folders. I have also organized my sent items & I regret that time I wasted.

The day I stopped & focused on projects and actual work I started producing more in less time.

Making to-do lists is the easiest way to stay organized. But if you make a to-do list of 30 items then 22 of them will anyway get pushed to the next day.

Make a realistic and doable to-do list of not more than 3 to 5 tasks in a day.  Ensure you pick the most important tasks. By the end of the week you’ll have 15 – 20 completed tasks (without any hassle).

You’d have completed the same amount of task with your 30 item to-do list as well but with a lot of stress & regret of a pending list.

Spend time to detach and learn

It is difficult to accommodate any time for just yourself during the day. But it is important and is also widely being practiced and accepted in organizations. Thanks to millennials.
People are taking healthy breaks to go for walks, to take power naps, to spend time in office libraries or reading something entirely different from their own subject matter.

A healthy 20 to 30 minute break gives you a fresh perspective, helps you rejuvenate and gives you motivation for the rest of the day.

It helps me stay in control & make better decisions.

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