Future is closer than you think | What to expect in the year 2018

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We’re living in the best time of technology and innovation where a lot of revolutionary things are being born. We changed the way we shopped, the way we worked, the way we travelled, the way we banked. Today, it’s possible to get your package from Amazon delivered inside your home when you’re away.

If you see every other innovation makes things faster. How fast can you deliver? How fast can your car drive? How fast can you charge? How fast can you transact? How fast can you reverse?

It’s not the ease of things but the speed of things being done that is catching up & that’s what the year 2018 is going to be all about.

Unlock not just your Smart Phone but a lot with Face Recognition – Finger print scan for attendance in offices has been in existence forever. But nobody got nervous about it until fingerprint scan was introduced to unlock smart phones. People instantly got worried about security of the apps in their smart phones. After they started using the feature now having to type the passcode feels like such an effort. Further reducing the effort, earlier Samsung & now Apple is introducing Face Recognition in its new iPhone X. So now you can unlock your phone without touching it. We have moved a step closer to having this integrated with banking transactions, online bookings and what not? We might just be moving to a future where our face becomes our universal passcode.

Assistant Robots now for Consumers – Giant manufacturing and software companies are moving towards building robots that can help do a lot more than just a robotic arm. Amazon warehouse robots which are close to 50000 were created to make the company more efficient. Earlier top companies specially from Germany were building robotic parts for some specific functions but these are now expanding to consumer robots. As per this recent news, robot bees can now dive in and out of water using combustible rockets. We can totally expect a lot of innovations in robotics. We just hope they’re built to work with us and not in place of us.

Less Advertising and more real Brand Stories – Brands have realized that internet has made their customers smarter and prone to quickly shifting their interest in what seems better. To build this credibility they are trying to be as real as possible. More and more brands are showing their human side to customers with the agenda to bridge the gap and capture long term customers. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook & Snapchats of the world will be leveraging their stories game up a few notches to provide the best to brands. This might also lead to heavy brand story advertising (mostly by Facebook).

Payment from Google – Google is the answer to most of your questions. You’re checking your flight status, you’re reviewing your hotels, rating airlines, checking restaurants, browsing movie options all the time on Google. Google about a few days ago introduced Pay with Google. You can simply use payment from Google which will use your credit card or debit card and your shipping details that are linked with your Google account. With this feature users don’t have to fill it all these details again. Faster process for any purchases!

Virtual Reality – With Pokemon Go making the whole world run around and new upgraded Facebook Oculus making people visit places right from their couch without using any device is just the beginning. Facebook VR per say has gone beyond the potential realities shown in the famous web series Black Mirror. Facebook is already pushing it with new upgrades & affordable prices. In future, you could visit a new place and take decisions on the go and close deals without having to spend time in traveling or having to meet anyone.

A few points that we discussed here are quite optimistic and depends a lot on the convenience and security factor. Companies are spending billions of dollars in building ideas, services and products that can revolutionise our day to day activities. Are we ready for it?

image credit – discountmags.com

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